Have you ever come across a time where your siblings would barge into your room uninvited, intruding on your personal space while taking your personal belongings? If so, we have just the solution for you! To solve this problem, we have created an "Anti-Sibling Detector," a photon with a sensor that will alert us when someone has entered our rooms without consent. Our idea includes a PIR sensor that detects motion within a 120-degree field of view, making it almost impossible to avoid its detection. An LED will start flashing red when the sensor detects movement. A piezo buzzer will start ringing four times every second for every five seconds so we can hear whether or not they were near our rooms. When the buzzer is done outputting its signal, the photon will send information to the cloud. This includes the time and date that motion was detected. The IFTTT program will then plot data into a datasheet in Google Sheets. Information sent to the cloud will alert us by email/text if someone has breached our rooms.

Anti-Sibling Detector Video

This video will cover everything you will need to know about this microcontroller project.

Undercover Anti-Sibling Detector

1st Image: Because our board is small and compact, we tweaked with the design and made it into a "Kleenex" box.

What The Board Looks Like Inside The Tissue Box

2nd Image: A visual diagram of what the board looks like in tissue box.